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P365/10 - Day058 (27th February 2010) - Lost Capacitor

3300 microFarad capacitor. I lost this one during the mounting of my 500GB hard drive. My computer case is full and I did a mistake when I inserted it. I actually need a multimeter to...

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P365/10 - Day057 (26th February 2010) - AMD 2600+

WHAT DO NOT DO!This is a mess! When I took of the processor, I didn’t believe on this… lol… What a bad thermal past use!

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P365/10 - Day056 (25th February 2010) - Power Supply

My extremely dusted power supply! It’s a funny picture ;)

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P365/10 - Day055 (24th February 2010) - Serial ATA

My external drive’s Serial ATA Interface. The power supply doesn’t work. I have to make a diagnostic :)

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P365/10 - Day023 (23th January 2010)

Another day late photography. I was out of creativity and imagination and I’m without of it yet! This is a simple shot of my webcam. Nothing special.

Em P365/10, 24 de janeiro de 2010

P365/10 - Day022 (22th January 2010)

Ok, this is something like… my life backups. It’s all there. In the top of bed closet of the office at Casais da Lapa. I have this projection lights on the top and it makes a nice eff...

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P365/10 - Day020 (20th January 2010)

This is only a normal USB pen drive with 1GB storage… but is incredible how many times it has saved my life. Lost works, stuff to print, a rescue memory to push a little more when I’m...

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P365/10 - Day018 (18th January 2010)

Well, the jack of my headphones . At the moment I don’t use this pair because of the… Mr Jack. The cable is doing bad contact and it’s uncomfortable to list music in this state. This ...

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P365/10 - Day016 (16th January 2010)

A day late. Yesterday I have been out and no opportunity to get a picture. It will be a double post day… behh… I don’t have nothing much to describe about yesterday :)

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P365/10 - Day007 (7th January 2010)

Well, a memory to the best way of making backups :) Wire! When I was making my backups, even with a theory max speed of 6.7 MB/s (Wireless), i only had 1.5MB/s, router fault. My lucky...

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