P365/10 - Day020 (20th January 2010)

Daniela Filipe Bento Daniela Filipe Bento Seguir 20 de janeiro de 2010 · 1 min read

This is only a normal USB pen drive with 1GB storage… but is incredible how many times it has saved my life. Lost works, stuff to print, a rescue memory to push a little more when I’m doing backups… and it’s a simple usb pen drive :) In fact, I have to renew my external storage set… I have only 2 pens (256MB :O and 1GB) drives. A 8GB pen is enough for now!

P365/10 Day020

I like to do this project, but in some way I’m founding my pictures the worst of the world! I see every day a lot of works with so much creativity, so much talent and technique… my pictures are so simple… so easy to shot!

In these last pictures I have been trying to compose a little more than make some point and shot photography… but I’m disappointed with my quality of work!

In my photography history, the best exciting photos I shotted was with my Sony DSC-P43! Yes, that one… not because the quality, but because the challenge itself. Now I have this super hyper camera and I have difficulty to go outside, to the middle street and shot.

Well, but we are always learning!

Regards, Daniel Bento

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