P365/10 - Day017 (17th January 2010)

Daniela Filipe Bento Daniela Filipe Bento Seguir 17 de janeiro de 2010 · 1 min read

My paper rainbow! I was trying to shoot one with movement, but I come with this idea and I think it results better. I personally like the reflection, my dinner table and my office desk are made of glass… it’s interesting to take shoots there. But sadly, I focused on the reflection…

P365/10 Day017

I had a long day today. I pass most of my time working. After woke up during the morning, I uploaded my 16th photo because yesterday I wasn’t at home.

After read the news, read some articles and prepare some stuff I went to my lunch. After that, I decided to go work outside home, I have more concentration seeing other people around me, even if they are screaming. I went to the shopping because they have free WiFi and I need to make research on the web.

Basically, I only stop when my battery reached the end (the only power supply there was in use by another guy). But I have the work almost finish. It’s about nanotechnology.

Besides this, I went to the book store see if it has something interesting to buy… but nothing special for now. It’s exams time, many books were sold.

After back to home, I started to work on my new theme for the overdestiny.com website. It’s being funny to work on it. It’s a surprise :) I’m sure I will be quick to put in on the air, but I have to think on my exams too!

I hope you like my 17th picture.

Regards, Daniel Bento

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