P365/10 - Day013 (13th January 2010)

Daniela Filipe Bento Daniela Filipe Bento Seguir 13 de janeiro de 2010 · 1 min read

Yes it’s real… it’s an hard drive. 160 GB storage :) It’s my portable hard disk (2.5”). It’s a piece of gold for people who want their information always with backup and fast access. This is one of my 3 external drives (2 x 3.5” e 1 x 2.5”) in a total of 500 + 80 + 160 = 740 GB. Not to much, but the needed for now.

P365/10 Day013

Something more about the picture. I give it this “nice detail” giving it many black and noise. It makes me look to some type of retro hardware. One day we will look to hour things in this way? Like trash, useless and so one? It’s easy to see that technological world is in constant evolution but it’s kinda sad see somethings disappear. It was funny if we had a giant museum of technology, a place to remember all that old things we always liked… like the game consoles, giant 13” CRT monitors, Pentium 133 with a button that says “TURBO MODE” and we remember the television show “Kit” (that serie with a black car, Kit and Michael, in Portugal the series have the name “O Justiceiro”).

It’s amazing but hard to believe that on day, this pc is no longer a pc, but trash, my CDs are all out of date, my phones… and everything.

At home, I always made a challenge to me… even if it is old, it have to work and do something. It was because of this reason that I install Minix in 25Mhz machine… running at “full … … .. ack ack… …power” :)

For now, it’s my 13th photography Regards Daniel Bento

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